Care – Bridge House of Twyford
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Caring in Twyford for over 35 Years

Selecting the right Nursing Home is a very difficult decision. At Bridge House, Established in 1979, we help our residents maintain their independence and dignity, whilst ensuring their needs and expectations are fully met. We believe that being independent means having the freedom of choice and flexibility over how the day is spent. This extends to the time of rising and retiring, when and where meals are taken and whether the individual wishes to participate in spontaneous or pre-planned events, within the Home or wider community.

Working closely with families and professionals is fundamental in delivering and maintaining the required level of health and well-being. We also appreciate how important it is that residents retain close relationships with their family and friends. Our comprehensive care provision is designed to deliver skilled, professional and individually planned nursing care in an unobtrusive manner.

At Bridge House we are committed to employing highly trained professionals in every field, from the nursing and catering staff, through to the management team. Each individual works to ensure that residents can enjoy their chosen lifestyle in a relaxing and tranquil environment.

Our accommodation and facilities have a blend of all the comforts of living in a period country house together with a state-of-the-art annex where every facility has been constructed to 21st Century Standards.

On Duty 24 Hours a Day

Our nurses are on duty 24 hours a day and are dedicated to meeting the health needs of our residents. We have access to specialists who practice in physiotherapy, speech therapy, audiology, chiropody, dentistry and optometry. All medical services visit the Home, including General Practitioners and visiting Consultants.